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Solution Focused Approach

"We only think when confronted with a problem.” ― John Dewey​

At Oakhill Drive, we use a solution focused conversation to support students in identifying their own solutions to problems. This builds confidence and resilience.​

A solution-focused approach acknowledges issues, yet places attention on what is working well. We can ask, "What behaviour/change is wanted?" The focus is on finding a solution instead of focusing on the problem. ​

These conversations: ​

  • Acknowledge the problem e.g. scaling​

  • Use optimistic thinking to determine a more positive outcome​

  • Focus on what is currently working​

  • Identify resources to enable solutions e.g. strengths, other people, materials​

View a video on A Solution Focussed Approach here


At Oakhill Drive, we use 'scaling' with our students to give a clear understanding of the intensity of feelings and how things are when a problem has occurred. The scale is used as a reference point of where things are now and how things can move forward. Scaling helps to focus on the degree of improvement towards the preferred solution or situation. A typical scale is from 0 – 10. 10 is when things are at their best and 0 is when things are the opposite. Younger students learn to use a feelings strength bar to identify the intensity of feelings from red 5 feelings to green 5 feelings. ​

Our conversations with students:​

  • Identify the problem​

  • Imagine the preferred future​

  • Identify possible solutions ​

  • Identify resources to make changes​