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Wellbeing- 'A sustainable state of positive mood and attitude, resilience and satisfaction with ​self, relationships, and experiences at school (Dept Education, Employment & Workplace Relations)​

At Oakhill Drive, we focus on the five aspects of Wellbeing which we refer to as SPECS (Social, Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Spiritual). In order to be considered "well," it is imperative that all aspects are addressed.​

Social wellbeing includes the extent to which we experience positive relationships and​ connectedness to others. It is important for pro-social behaviour and our empathy towards​ others.​

Physical wellbeing is associated with the extent to which we feel physically safe and healthy. It includes​ nutrition, preventative health care, physical activity and physical safety and security. Physical wellbeing​ enables positive health outcomes.​

Emotional wellbeing relates to self-awareness and emotional regulation. It includes how well we​ cope, and is often reflected by the level of a person’s resilience. Emotional wellbeing is in part​ informed by our capacity for self-reflection.​

Cognitive wellbeing is associated with achievement and success. It includes how information is processed and judgements are made. It is also informed by motivation and persistence to achieve. Cognitive wellbeing is important for ​attaining knowledge and experiencing positive learning.​

Spiritual wellbeing relates to our sense of meaning and purpose. It can include our connection to culture, religion or ​community and includes the beliefs, values and ethics we hold.​

The following concepts are taught under the topic of Wellbeing.  Click on the images to learn more.

Optimistic Thinking


Character Strengths


Solution Focused Approach