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Oakhill Drive Public School - A Positive Education School

Teaching Respect, Responsibility and Resilience

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Restorative Practices

  • At Oakhill Drive we recognise that relationships are not always perfect. When problems occur we use Restorative Practices to build, maintain and repair relationships for learning and for life. The process is proactive and responsive rather than reactive. ​
  • The focus is on repairing harm, making things right and providing significant learning. This leads to improved self-discipline, self-regulation, emotional well-being and therefore  increased academic outcomes which creates a  respectful school climate.​

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Impromptu Conversations

  • When a problem occur, our students  are encouraged  to accept responsibility for any harm they may have caused to another person. We use restorative practice cards for both teachers and students to guide conversations.​

Class Circles Build Relationships

  • At our school, class circles build relationships by encouraging students to share feelings, solve problems and seek solutions. ​
  • The circle encourages unity, respect, turn-taking and working together towards a shared vision. Circles are used pro-actively to build classroom community, and as an educational tool.