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Optimistic Thinking

Optimistic Thinking


  • Our thinking style has the potential to influence the way we feel about our circumstances. Changing thinking can change wellbeing. If we can change the way we think about things, we can positively impact on our wellbeing. 
  • At Oakhill Drive, our teachers and students use optimistic language to build resilience. We  intentionally turn statements around to help thinking become more optimistic. Focusing on the positive, changes thinking, creates hope, encourages progress and establishes possibilities and reasons for action. It does not negate the existence of problems, however, it seeks to view problems in a more helpful way.​

The four basic steps of Optimistic thinking are:​

  1. Recognise the automatic thoughts that pass through your mind at the times you feel worst. ​

  2. Evaluate these automatic thoughts by looking for evidence to determine accuracy.​

  3. Generate more accurate explanations that challenge the automatic thoughts​.

  4. Decatastrophise: avoiding thinking about the worst possible outcome when this is unlikely​​.

Watch this link on 5 Steps To Raising Optimistic Children


Optimistic Thinking in ODPS Classrooms

Throughout our school day at Oakhill Drive we promote optimistic thinking by:​

  • Encouraging students to be realistic about their abilities and take responsibility for their actions.​

  • Rewarding positive attitudes to learning​

  • Recognising success​

  • By believing solutions can usually be found​

  • Focusing on the things that are working well.​

​These techniques create a positive classroom environment and a positive school culture.