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Playground expectations

Top oval

  • For use before school, recess and lunch times.
  • No food/drink to be taken onto top oval.
  • Major ball games can be played here – soccer, touch footy etc. (Yr 6 only area at top)
  • No tackling or grabbing games allowed.
  • Out of Bounds areas: behind, on, under or between buildings, behind cricket nets.
  • Teachers only to retrieve balls outside school grounds if safe.
  • Handball courts at lower end of oval can be used at any time, including before school.
  • Handball courts near bus shelter are to be used at recess and lunchtime only, not before.
  • Table tennis tables (Yrs 3-6 only) are to be used fairly and shared with others .
  • Bus Shelter is a sitting area only.
  • Mini golf is a shared space to be used respectfully.

Basketball court

  • For use before school, recess and lunch times. No balls or running allowed before school
  • Eating is permitted on big steps only while seated. Rubbish in bins!
  • Lunch baskets placed at ends of steps, to avoid tripping.
  • Running games allowed e.g. netball/ basketball/Pacman etc. at recess and lunch.
  • No running at any time if top oval closed. Flag grass open at these times.
  • No footballs allowed/ no kicking balls.
  • Collection of pole and changing of goals must only be done by duty teacher.

Covered outdoor learning area (COLA)

  • For use before school, recess and lunch times. No balls allowed before or after school.
  • Eating allowed in this area, while seated.
  • Walking only on concrete.
  • Only small balls allowed at recess and lunch.
  • Stairwells steps Kindy rooms must be kept clear at all times.

Flagpole grass

  • Passive play area in mornings only from 8.40am. No balls.
  • No food/drinks to be taken onto this grass area, except Yr 6 in Term 4.
  • No walking on flower beds or climbing trees.
  • Open for passive play when top oval closed.
  • Term 4: Yr 6 area for sitting and talking at lunch and recess. Eating allowed here. 


  • For use at recess and lunch times.
  • Passive play area – for sitting, talking, reading, use of chess squares, hopscotch.
  • No running or ball games.
  • Eating allowed in this area, while seated.
  • Out of bounds areas: Grassed area, vegetable gardens and paths beyond fence.
  • Students are not to sit or play on stairwell steps or verandahs.
  • Verandahs may be used during ‘Undercover wet weather or extreme heat’ times.
  • Students going to lower oval wait for teacher along each end of pathway near demountables. Red striped area near access path must remain clear.
  • Teachers to monitor bathrooms on path to lower oval.


  • To be used by students at recess & lunch, then looked after by S3 nominated students.
  • Toys to be played with appropriately.
  • No throwing or moving sand outside sandpit.
  • Sandpits to be cleared and packed up 5 mins before bell.
  • Water play in Terms 1 and 4.
  • Gates to carpark to be closed at all times.

Panda Patch

  • Small group supported social play for invited students and friends. Teacher to mark roll.
  • Cooperative Games booklet and equipment stored in garden shed.
  • Equipment to be packed up 5 minutes before bell.

Lower oval

  • For use at recess and lunch times. Only K-1 (and buddies) until about Week 4, Term 1.
  • Teachers to check driveway gate is shut.
  • No food to be taken onto lower oval.
  • Out of bounds area: steep hill to fence bordered by trees and silver seats; behind and under demountables.
  • No sitting on railings above tunnel.
  • No standing on front of boat or climbing over windscreen.
  • Tennis balls/footballs are permitted. Kicking games for K-1 students only.

Fixed equipment

  • Maximum of 30 students inside area at one time (Mon, Wed, Fri 1-2 Tues Thurs 3-6)
  • Teacher to stand at entry gate to supervise entry and monkey bars.
  • Monkey Bars: Yrs 1-6 students only. Students must be able to have both feet on the platform when holding bars and use each rung. Close teacher supervision required.          
  • No running on soft fall area.
  • Sandpit rules as above.


  • Alternative passive play area during undercover or extreme heat times.
  • Stage area and hall toilets are out of bounds.
  • No food or drink allowed. 


  • Students MUST wear a hat in all areas at all times.
  • All students without hats are to play under cover outside library or under COLA.
  • Canteen: students not permitted to go to canteen until after eating time.
  • Eating areas: students are to sit down to eat, lunch boxes in baskets and rubbish in bins before teacher dismissal
  • Duty Teachers
    • to supervise students in picking up rubbish in each area
    • to wear ‘high vis’ vests and carry bum bag
    • to walk around whole area to supervise students, except equipment teacher.
  • Students are not allowed in classrooms before school, recess and lunch.
  • When ‘Wet Weather’ called while playing: students are to walk to classrooms.

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