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Visible Learning

Our stategic direction 1 aims to ensure that every student will become an active participant in developing an increasing ownership of their learning, achieving success criteria, working towards their goals, giving and receiving meaningful feedback and contributing in all learning experiences within a community of learners.

Learning at Oakhill Drive

Teachers carefully plan the success criteria of lessons to show the students what they should be able to do, understand or show to achieve success. In some classes, the success criteria may be called the WILF (What I’m Looking For). As students are working at different levels in the class, some students will work towards one criteria, while others will work towards achieving more of the criteria. Feedback is targeted to what the students have achieved from the success criteria as well as show where to next.

This is an example of success criteria that our students were working towards in a KF maths lesson. Using large, foam dominoes, students had to first subitise the number (when we subitise, we recognise the number of objects in a collection without counting), count on from the larger number to add two numbers together, and then decide if their domino total went before or after (was bigger or smaller than) a nominated number. Students capably used mathematical language and the strategies they are learning to make decisions to explain their mathematical thinking.