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Home Learning (Homework)

Home Learning (homework) at Oakhill Drive Public

Whilst prioritising reading, mathematics and vocabulary development, our updated homework structure now also recognises students’ contributions to family life and work at home, and supports their physical health and mental wellbeing. Homework is shared for all K-6 students in one template, with learning activities adjusted according to grade. Learning is grouped under key headings, with the hope that all siblings engage in that area of learning together, supporting one another and enhancing relationships. We want to encourage our students to recognise themselves as learning resources for one another. We still exist within a COVID world and thus our focus is on families sitting down together to communicate and foster relationships. Homework will be shared on a fortnightly basis and is accessible on the school website. Students are invited to engage with homework as a way of consolidating learned skills and understandings; it will not need to be returned to teachers. Students may complete the activities in a homework book, or digitally; this is a family choice. As we move forward throughout the term, we will encourage students to reflect on their thinking, using a learning intention and self-reflection scaffold. We look forward to students engaging with this new homework format in line with Education Week’s 2020 theme: Learning Together. 


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